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I came to change my mind on that and stopped sleeping with married guys about three years ago.

Since then I’ve developed two separate ethical non-monogamous relationships with great guys who know about each other and are cool with the situation.

She stopped behavior that didn’t feel right to her and changed how she approaches relationships several years ago. Her actual question was “I’m very aware of how I screwed up here and feel really guilty, but also she said stuff that makes me feel scared for my safety.” 3) Not cool, guys. A few years ago, when I was younger and definitely more stupid, I slept with a few married guys.

She told him to stop seeing the other counselor and find another one who knows about me too.

He is having a very hard time to break it to his wife that he just wants out.

Lashing out this way takes a lot of energy, and without a response to keep the conflict alive it will very soon seem pointless and not worth it.

Anyone who does write back to one of her emails (or a public social media post) has just bought themselves 6 more weeks of unwanted contact. Take a different way to work, park in a different place so your car is less of a target for slashed tires and awkward run-ins. How could you respond to someone you know who also knows Mrs.

There are a few things you can do to give yourself a little bit of control back while this spins out: 1) Filter her email address to a special folder that bypasses your inbox. 2) Lock down your social media accounts so they are friends-only. Bad Idea and who is uncool enough to bring it up with you? This was more than three years ago, your involvement is long past, you ended the relationship because you realized it was wrong and have made major changes to how you do things that are more in line with your ethics.

Check it no more than once a month with a trusted friend and a glass of wine at hand –you need to keep anything that comes in to document in case things escalate, but it will be better if you control how and when you engage. If she has accounts that you can easily find, preemptively block them without interacting — if she hasn’t found yours before now, to her it will look like you’ve never existed. 5) Get yourself tested for STIs if you haven’t in a while, since she might not be the only one nursing a nasty surprise from a guy who had so many things going on he had to keep a roster. The dude put his wife at risk, kept NOTES (I’m really never letting that one go – journals are one thing, making your exploits identifiable and findable to others is quite another) and he is really the one who put all of you in this crappy situation.My prediction is that she will leave you & the other stars of Mr.Unfathomable Shitbeards’s Big Book of Ladies alone once she a) gets it out of her system and comes back to herself a little bit b) as long as people do not engage with her.Especially make sure your workplace information and your picture aren’t widely visible to people who aren’t already your friends. Once you feel safer and more sure that she’s not going to ambush you in the school pickup line, see if you can stop casting her in your mind as “unhinged.” What she is is really fucking angry.It’s easier to be angry at strangers than it is to be angry at the person you share your life and bank accounts with, but sooner or later the anger will all come home to roost in its proper place. Edited To Add: If you wrote one of the many (now deleted) treatises on The Darkest Evils of The Other Woman And How They Deserve Our Collective Scorn and Hatred, and how they must accept the possibility of violence at the hands of those they’ve wronged as the forseeable fruits of their sins, thanks for the shortest window between posting a thread and closing comments in Captain Awkward history!

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