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However, the Navy has announced female uniform changes to resemble the men's uniforms, and female officers and CPOs began wearing stand-collared tunics similar to the male uniform in early 2017, with full replacement of the old-style uniform by the end of January 2020 (delayed from an initial date of December 2019).

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They consist of navy blue wool jumper with three rows of white stripes on the collar and cuffs.

There are two white stars, one at each corner of the collar.

Women previously wore a uniform similar to the Service Dress Blue uniform but with a white coat and skirt or trousers.

Officer's rank insignia consisted of lacing on the sleeves in the same manner as on the blue uniform, while CPOs wore rank insignia pins on the lapels of the jacket.

For a brief period in the 1970s and early 1980s, male enlisted sailors in paygrades E-1 to E-6 wore in place of the winter "blue" version of the crackerjacks a uniform based on the version worn by officers and CPOs, albeit with grey buttons.

The Service Dress White uniform has until recently been different for the men's and women's variations.The trousers have traditionally featured a broad-fall opening, though changes to the trouser announced in 2012 have added a zippered fly, rendering the buttons merely decorative.A traditional white hat or "Dixie cup" is also worn, as well as black leather shoes.A black silk or synthetic fiber neckerchief, rolled diagonally, is worn around the neck, under the collar, with the ends tied in a square knot in the center of the chest.The trousers for the uniform are flared as "bell bottoms".Since the 1970s, female junior enlisted sailors' Service Dress Blue uniform has been similar to the versions worn by officers and CPOs, with the exception that silver-colored buttons, rather than gold, are on the jacket.

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