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The Diatessaron, which means “Harmony of Four” was created by Tatian, a Christian writer in the second century.

It combines the four canonical Gospels into a single harmonious narrative.

In 2003 the present Bodmer Library of World Literature opened in Cologny, near Geneva, Switzerland.

Among the approximate 160,000 items is a copy of the Guttenberg Bible, and a group of manuscripts — “P66,” “P72,” and “P75,” some of the world’s earliest Christian writings.

Though Tatian closely followed the wording of the Gospels, he put the verses in a different sequence.

The Diatessaron was used as the standard Gospel text in the liturgy of the Syrian Church for two centuries.

Let’s look at a handful of important early New Testament manuscripts that scholars have discovered so far.

Each serves to validate that our modern Bible is, indeed, a reliable representation of those early writings.If you missed our earlier blog post on materials used to write the Bible, we invite you to give it a read.This portion of the Gospel of John is so old that it helps to confirm the traditional date of the composition of the Gospel to be about the end of the first century.It has significance as an early manuscript because the remaining copies bear witness to the earlier Gospels.These third century papyrus codices were purchased by British mining engineer A.Textual critics are scholars who examine and evaluate all the surviving manuscripts in order to accurately reproduce the original text.

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