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:) Wonder how well you match with your crush or significant other?

Our new Compatibility Test uses a number of factors to see how well two people match up.

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Perfect of hiking, picnics, sunbathing or splashing around." -Ananda, Richmond (more from this area) The owner of this site has had a baby and started a dad's baby blog you might be interested in.

The list of "types" is endless, but figuring out whether or not you "have a type" is actually quite simple: you either do, or you don't.

mainly because they didn't know who was perfect for each other.

Strong relationships are when the two people know and understand each other and have like intrests.

Be one of the first to take the Dating Strengths and Weaknesses Quiz and discover your personal strengths and weaknesses.

You may also be interested in our other quiz, the Loneliness Quotient Test.

You could even match yourself with celebrities, or match your friends!

The sister quiz to the Dating Profile Quiz is now complete.

Let's see who your personality type for a boyfriend is.

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