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This hooked rug depicts a dog seated on a colorful diamond-patterned rug with an oval foliate surround. The original Grenfell Industry mats are distinctive because they were made using dyed silk stockings instead of wool; the artisans were so skilled that they were able to use every hole in the backing, sometimes achieving stitches per square inch.

Each finished piece was inspected to assure quality and workmanship standards were met.

By creating pre-stamped patterns on burlap with sheet metal stencils, he expanded and transformed the homemade rug hooking industry, making rug hooking a viable cottage industry — an industry that helped fishing communities survive harsh Atlantic winters.

Probably the most noteworthy cottage industry name in the Atlantic region — and therefore some of the most prized hooked mats and rugs by collectors — is Grenfell Industries, which produced thousands of high-quality mats and rugs, many with regional themes such as wintertime, polar bears, fishermen and nautical; geometric designs were also created, but they are more rare.

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