Dating secrets fear of being hurt

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What is your advice for women my age who feel the pressure to choose between love and the chance to have children?

It’s a taboo subject, I know, but I think it’s a real dilemma that women have faced throughout time and I feel the same pressure now. I’m not going to touch the politics of your question.

You don’t need to be a dating coach to point out that perhaps this isn’t the best foundation upon which to build a marriage.

That doesn’t negate that he’s a decent person and has the potential to be a good husband and father.

He’s much less educated than I am but that doesn’t bother me in the least as he’s a hard worker with his own personal goals in life.

He and I argue frequently about social issues (he’s insensitive and I’m sensitive, he’s conservative, I’m liberal).

Connection, to me, is different than chemistry; it’s less about a dizzying passion and more having a partner who feels like home.

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