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CGRP-mediated vasodilatation is also associated with neurogenic inflammation (as results in vasodilatation and extravasation protoplasts part of a cascade of events microvasculature), which is present in migraine. 13 =453-464(2001)) „迄今为止,对于潮红的最有效的疗法是基于激素的治疗,所述激素包括雌激素和/或一些黄体酮。激素治疗能够有效缓和潮红,但是不适合所有女性。观察到的心理和情绪症状(如神经质、疲劳、易激惹、失眠、抑郁、失忆、头痛、焦虑、神经质或不能集中)被认为是由热潮红和寝汗后的睡眠缺乏引起的(Kramer et al. Advancesin Urological Cancer Diagnosisand Treatment-Proceedings, Paris, France: SCI: 3-7 (1992)).在年龄相关的雄激素减退的情况下(Katovich, et al.Vasomotor symptoms (VMS) such as hot flashes and sleep sweat are the most common symptoms associated with menopause, occurring in all natural or surgically induced after 60% to 80% of postmenopausal women.热潮红很可能是中枢神经系统(CNS)对减退的性类固醇的适应性应答(Freedman Am. , Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology& Medicine, 1990,193 (2) :129-35)以及与前列腺癌治疗相关的激素丧失的极端情况下(Berendsen, et al.

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one or more non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents (the NSAIDs), such as aspirin, acetaminophen and caffeine (e.g., Excedrin ® Migraine) combination.

[0012] More recently, it has been the treatment of some patients with migraine, topiramate voltage dependent sodium channels are closed and certain glutamate receptors (kainate of AMPA), enhanced the activity of GABA-A receptor and blocked with topiramate carbonic anhydrase anticonvulsant.

In some other embodiments, the antibody comprises a human heavy chain Ig G2 constant region, the constant region comprising the following mutations:.

A330P331 to S330S331 (amino acid reference sorting wildtype Ig G2 sequence) Eur J. 2613- 2624.在一些实施方案中,抗体的重链恒定区是具有任何以下突变的人重链Ig Gl :1)A327A330P331到G327S330S331 ;2)E233L234L235G236 到P233V234A235, G236 被删除;3)E233L234L235 到P233V234A235 ;4) E233L234L235G236A327A330P331 到P233V234A235G327S330S331,G236 被删除;5)E233L234L235A327A330P331 到P233V234A235G327S330S331 和6)N297 到A297 或除N 以外的任何其它氨基酸。 In some embodiments, the heavy chain constant region of the antibody is a human heavy chain Ig Gl with any of the following mutations: 1) A327A330P331 to G327S330S331; 2) E233L234L235G236 to P233V234A235, G236 deleted; 3) E233L234L235 to P233V234A235; 4) E233L234L235G236A327A330P331 to P233V234A235G327S330S331 , G236 deleted; 5) E233L234L235A327A330P331 to P233V234A235G327S330S331 and 6) N297 to A297 or any other amino acid other than the N.

, Cephalalgia 25 :1082-1090, 2005 ; Giff in et al.,Cephalalgia 7-292,2003)。 Brain, S. 51-53, 2002o A-2 adrenoceptor subtypes and adenosine Al receptors are also regulatory (suppression) of CGRP release and trigeminal activation (Goadsbyet al, Brain 125: 1392-401,2002) "for GR79236 (metrafadil) adenosine Al receptors (which have been shown to inhibit neurogenic vasodilation and trigeminal nociception) may also have activity in humans (Arulmani antimigraine et al, Cephalalgia 25: 1082-1090, 2005; Giff in et al, Cephalalgia 23:. [0008] such that the theory is the observation that confusion: with only inhibit neurogenic inflammation (e.g., tachykinin NKl receptor antagonists) or trigeminal activation (e.g., 5HT1D receptor agonists) are displayed as migraine therapeutic compound acute treatment is relatively ineffective, causing some researchers to question whether inhibiting release of CGRP is the primary mechanism of action of effective anti-migraine treatment.

[0009] Migraine is a complex, common neurological disorder immunogenicity, wherein severe, episodic headache and associated features, the correlation feature may include nausea, vomiting, light, sound, or motion sensitive.

Sumatriptan), antagonism of CGRP receptor (e.g., dipeptide derivative BIBN4096BS (Boerhringer Ingelheim); CGRP (8-37)), or with one or more receptor-related protein interactions, the receptor-related proteins, such as receptor activity membrane protein (the RAMP) or receptor component protein (RCP) and CGRP were binding to its receptor. et al.,Trends in Pharmacological Sciences 23 :51-53, 2002o A-2肾上腺素受体亚型和腺苷Al受体也调控(抑制)CGRP释放和三叉神经活化(Goadsbyet al.

, Brain 125 :1392-401,2002) „ 针对GR79236 (metrafadil)腺苷Al的受体(其已经显示在人中抑制神经原性血管舒张和三叉神经伤害感受)也可以具有抗偏头痛的活性(Arulmani et al.

[0029] The anti-CGRP antagonist antibody to CGRP (e.g.

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