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An internet search, or a trawl of small ads in Christian magazines, reveals increasingly numerous ways of meeting other Christians. A non-denominational monthly event for Christian singles to meet for worship and to socialise began last month (Its first meeting was in Watford on the last Friday in January.

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It was a married friend who was brave enough to point out that, just because I was looking for a Christian partner, it did not mean I had to sit there waiting.

‘We aren’t living in the Dark Ages any more,’ she told me.” The day’s romantic customs are more likely to be rooted in pre-Christian paganism than in the history of either the bishop or the priest who are the two candidates for being the saint named in the calendar.

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From 15 to 18 May this year, for the first time, the national Christian Resources Exhibition at Sandown Park will host Christian dating agencies’ stand, as well as host speed dating each afternoon (

Christian speed dating has already proved popular elsewhere.

“We both wanted a friendship to start with — we were not looking for marriage and family, as we had both done all that.

Two years on, we are a couple, but are taking things very slowly.

Some older singles — including widows, widowers, and divorcees — still prefer a traditional dating agency.

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