Dating smith and wesson 38

I would have it checked out by a gunsmith before firing.

For models 36, 37, 38, 49, 50 and pre model number versions.

I have loaded various loads using heavy cast bullets of 180 to 200 grains that give excellent accuracy and a hard slap- but they are not quite Magnums.

dating smith and wesson 38-89

But if the weather looks rugged I will not risk marring my treasured friend - I have a well used, even battered stainless version I will use.

The Combat Magnum will often be found with some type of adornment representing the regard we have for these revolvers.

They are too hot for regular use in a light frame .38 Special and should be used sparingly in ANY .38, but a good .357 such as the Combat Magnum will run forever on such loads.

They are accurate and quite effective on small game.

This is the author's original duty holster from Don Hume.

It is well over twenty five years old and still useful as a field holster.

From the factory we had the high quality adjustable sights found on the .357 Magnum revolver and the remarkable achievement of producing the first Magnum revolver.

The original .357 Magnum loading jolted a 158 grain SWC to well over 1,400 fps from a 8-3/8 inch barrel.

The Military and Police gained wide acceptance due to its excellent handling qualities.

The inherent accuracy of the type was recognized early on and a number of adjustable sight versions were introduced. Prior to World War Two, revolver design and custom work reached a new high.

The revolver is simple to make safe - simply open the cylinder. This particular Magnum features Smith and Wessons affordable laser engraving and Hogue grips.

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