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The antisocial partner does not have any guilt or remorse for their hurtful behaviors.

These individuals have a lack of impulse control, are often in trouble with the law, have a substance abuse problem and will often disloyal or unfaithful.

Looking at symptoms over the course of the illness (longitudinal follow-up) and the person’s family history can play a key role in determining whether the person has bipolar disorder with psychosis or schizophrenia. However, research suggests that there is no single cause.

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Living with a narcissist, means living with someone who believes they are better than others, not ever getting a meaningful apology and never meeting their standards.

will continuously inflict feelings of guilt on the person living with them.

It can cause unusual, often extreme and fluctuating changes in mood, energy, activity, and concentration or focus.

Bipolar disorder sometimes is called , which are older terms.

Bipolar individuals have intensive outbursts of anger and mood swings, resulting in fear for the others in the residence.

These individuals have a fear of abandonment and require the person living with them to continuously “demonstrate" their love for them. Living with someone who is bipolar, often results in living with constant suicidal threats, paranoia, inappropriate anger and impulsivity.Occasionally, bipolar symptoms can appear in children.Although the symptoms come and go, bipolar disorder usually requires lifetime treatment and does not go away on its own.Someone with a narcissistic personality is oblivious to the needs of others and unaware of the effect their behavior has on those who are living with them.A narcissist is not typically violent, however, they do inflict pain through their emotional and mental abuse of those around them. Everything revolves around them, their wants and their needs and if you do not stop what you are doing in order to do what they want, they will become overly dramatic about the ‘neglect’ they are receiving.These mood episodes cause symptoms that last a week or two or sometimes longer.

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