Dating stone tools

This is particularly remarkable when considering the archaeological artefacts initially contained multiple contaminants.

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This dissertation focuses on the development of radiocarbon dating residues from stone artefacts.

In the study, the method’s application is examined on artefact samples from archaeological assemblages.

Methods used for this study comprised of microscopic residue and use wear analyses, including Scanning Electron Microscope Energy Dispersive X-ray (SEM-EDX) observations.

Experimental studies evaluated contaminant cleaning from stone tools and residue extraction methods.

Subsequently, selected artefacts from three archaeological sites were analyzed.

Results of this research show significant steps forward in direct residue radiocarbon dating.

One of our objectives is to provide the skills, techniques and confidence to anyone who wants to get involved with archaeology.

Whilst some archaeology textbooks may seem tedious, and techniques increasingly technical, there are plenty of meaningful activities for the amateur archaeologist.

The nature of the materials and the finished products help reveal their technological knowledge, skill base and common learning.

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