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Legal drugs include prescription, non-prescription and over-the-counter drugs that are normally used to treat, control or prevent common ailments, also referred to as medicines.

On examining the level of violence on the dating issue from a gender point of view, it was found that females were more at risk than the males.

Results showed that when comparing the females to males, females experienced a higher level of perpetration (8.8%) than the males who had only 4.0% risk. 2008) Findings on the issue of victimization showed that while females were at a higher risk with 7.2%, male victimization was only 5.0%. 2008) The results from the study proved that there is a higher incidence of female perpetration and victimization and they were more at risk when compared to males.

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This invests the social scientist with the responsibility to use the right tool to arrive at the right conclusions. Sex Addiction Among Teenagers Introduction Eric Griffin-Shelley defines "addiction" as "enslavement to an activity, person, or thing that is characterized by imbalance, lack of control, loss of power, distortion of values, inflexible centrainess to the person's life, unhealthiness, pathology, chronicity, progression, and potential fatality"1.

Sexual obsessions are common among teenagers and young adults.

Gender roles and dating relationships play a considerable role in the process of determining behavior patterns among the teenagers. The document discusses whether or not TV influences others or TV shows influence events that take place for reasons other than TV persuasion.

New changes in social or sexual role exhibit new circumstances for power and control and appropriate conduct. The article also focuses on the responsibility of media companies.

Family Planning among Teenagers The essay aims to address a two-fold objective to wit to analyze the case study presented; and (2) to answer seven relevant questions pertaining to the case study and sexuality issues among female teenagers. Can a practitioner provide family planning services to a minor without parental knowledge?

If an adolescent demands confidentiality, how can a physician prevent the transfer of billing/insurance information to reach parents?

90% of the smokers start smoking before the age of twenty-one.

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