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He says he is in love with me after getting to know him during his recovery. He seems to really mean it and I love who he is, but I don't know if this is who he is or this is his injury.

Lots of patience on both sides will be needed as you get used to the other one - lots of patience... Yes it may be lonely but it is well worth the wait so many take advantage of people who have this injury.

I myself have time and time again been taken advantage of.

I'm sorry for the length of my reply, but my life has become a living hell and I have no clue what direction I should take....

I recently got a TBI I'm 26 got it Oct 29th 2016 it's been almost 7 months and I used to be an out going guy adventures and going out and hanging out now I have social anxiety anxious all the time I have trimers from the injury and just scared at times for no reason emotional rollercoaster fur sure and it is lonely iv shyed away from relationships let alone even being around woman and I never used to be this way I hope and pray for everyone that things change for the better cause it's really screwing with me ....

I have been told that I am worthless and unwanted.. What helps more than anything is having someone to talk to..

Honestly, I feel like the same person that I ever was other than the never ending pain and rejection..Tools tools and more tools will help them find that patience and lack of fear (for me it's the high emotions and #1 is the fear! 'Tis kinda like being a kid again and going through things for the first time, sometimes over and over again. I'm living on my own now and have a part-time job but it's hard to find a guy who my age who can understand what I went through and my complications.There is also a frustration of why you may not have the same skills as those in your age group. In 2008 I was in a near fatal accident and I was put in a coma for two months.The best thing is to keep at it and learn from your not so successful moments. I was on an apartment building roof top one friday night during my 3rd year in college. I had to relearn how to walk plus I lost my left leg because of the car wreck. I am looking for a woman that has a TBI like me so we could be able to understand each other better.Remember that you were injured and you have to rehab your brain just like any other body part, this one is just a bit more challenging. I am looking for a man with TBI cause I think it would be easier to date someone who understands.Having a brain injury can sometimes make people feel differently about themselves, perhaps less confident, which can make meeting people challenging. I'm a young man, suffered a TBI in a car accident in 2017, but I'm fortunate enough to be alive.

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