Dating women with baggage

Seems to me personally that hiding a potential dealbreaker would make the breakup after chemistry was proven to exist even worse than a no follow up date. My mom married my dad who has one, and I exist today, so don't lose hope OP!I find this is why you see people coming out with these sorts of things upfront. I would say I might, but I think being fully aware of the situation and explaining what I need to do/be careful of would help a lot.It's easier to just see people say no straight up on here than it was to hear her feebly beat around the bush - she tried to say it in the most gentle way possible and it still felt worse than any other emotion I've experienced before.

Maybe a guy used to only go after the supermodel type or tried the whole bad guy routine because he thought women liked it.

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Go ahead and date the sexy guy you just met who seems a little broken. Seriously, how can they judge you when they’re just as messed up as you? Anyone with baggage is far more likely to be sympathetic towards other people’s. Why is it a woman isn’t supposed to ever have a past? When they get into a relationship, they do so knowing what they’re risking.

Imagine the freedom of not having to hide everything and still being liked. Does he have problems going back to the restaurant where the woman he thought loved him was caught cheating? They’re not going to run the moment they fall deeper in love. They’re just looking for a person who’s worthy of their affection. Sometimes we find the right person at the wrong time.

I suggest you move slow and show your personality a bit before you disclose your condition if you can. So, I don't think the bag cramped his style one bit. I'm sorry about your surgery and everything, OP. It is difficult just dealing with that and more than once I thought she was thinking about leaving. Then my condition just plummeted back in we are. But if I met a guy and he had that, I think I would be grossed out and it would be a complete turn off.

Don't wait too long but like date 3 or 4 so they get a sense of who you are and won't just reject you on the first date because it complicates things. It would be a shit show to date someone who also has Crohn's disease (pun intended). Once I was diagnosed, things got better for a while. I'm sorry, I know it's not the answer you want to hear, but I know you want honesty.He jokes all the time about some of the more unpleasant aspects, like how his bag "farts," or that he excuses himself to play Candy Crush in the bathroom because "as a non-smoker and non-crapper" he feels entitled to at least 2 little breaks during the work day.I don't know if he does that because he genuinely looks at this as just a funny part of the human condition that has greatly alleviated his suffering, or if he jokes to put others at ease.If they agree to a relationship, it’s because they’re willing to risk their own heart to be with you. I’ve dated some extremely superficial guys in the past. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could just be yourself? Obviously if their heart was broken, they’ve been there and done that with the whole love thing. If you’re dating someone with baggage, you not only get love, but someone to help you work through your issues. Guys with baggage are comfortable with themselves and they don’t expect you to be fake either. You both get a shoulder to cry on and a best friend to help you overcome your past. Most people with baggage have learned from the mistakes they’ve made. I'm all too conscious of this thing against my skin and knowing that that feeling is quite possibly going to be there for life is really dragging me down emotionally. I'm almost 24 now and today I just broke down when my mother hugged me.

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