Dating your best friend

The problem with dating a friend though, is that it’s difficult to remain ‘just friends’ once you’ve crossed that line.

We were spending more time together, developing strong feelings and realised we could call it whatever we wanted – friendship, casual dating, friends with benefits etc – but the truth is, it was a romantic relationship unfolding. We have been romantically involved for eight years and married for five.

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Obviously, couples and friends have different problems for the most part, and you might still struggle with the couple-type of problems.

But the fact of the matter is that you already know how to compromise and forgive each other if you fight or if something goes wrong. You already know each other's passions and shared interests, and you talk to each other a lot.

Loyalty, kindness, common interests and a good sense of humour are typical qualities we all look for in a friend.

Coincidentally, they’re the type of qualities that many of us imagine our ideal partner to possess too.

I spoke to three people who put this to the test by taking the leap and dating their BFFs. My husband and I were casual friends for over a year within our social circle.

Then, we became closer and started to hang out more.Sure, it might be a bit strange for your friend to suddenly be your partner in the beginning, but for the most part, you're already comfortable with each other and definitely already love each other.Whether they are a childhood friend or someone you've only known for a few months, you two certainly already have a history together.Things evolved and we started dating, but neither one of us wanted a relationship.We were adamant that we didn’t want anything serious and wanted to remain friends.You and your friend have had plenty of "practice" time apart, and you know how to cope, so when your friend becomes your significant other, you already know how to handle it.

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