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The problem is, they care SO much about their career or Iron Man training that they will 1000% ditch you the moment you become an "inconvenience." The vulnerable moments where you actually need them and it in any way distracts them from their one goal of Being The Best, they're gone. Taurus As a homebody earth sign, your idea of a good time with your boo is just cuddling in sweats, ordering Seamless, and Netflix-bingeing to your heart's content. , when the weekend's over, your sign is also all about working hard and following your dreams, but the chillaxed peeps you keep dating aren't really on the same page.

Soon, you start to notice that they vape a little toooo much, never plan dates in an actual restaurant, and low-key kind of resent you for "caring so much about work." The biggest challenge is getting them to move out, which, obvi, takes FOREVER.

Gemini Being the most social sign and all, you're attracted to people who are equally as good at racking up party invites.

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They, on the other hand, hate feeling unsuccessful and broke but also refuse to consider any other options.

That emotional labor is the ultimate creative block, btw.

Learning that someone shares your sign can feel like kismet — even if you've just met, you've suddenly forged a connection on a celestial level.

The question is: Does someone with the same sign as you make for a good romantic partner?

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They're also the type who would have like 14 groomsmen at their wedding and get too drunk before the ceremony, just sayin'!

Cancer You're a sensitive crab, and when you find someone you click with, you fall into that dicksand FAST (see: Ariana, famous Cancer, and uh, that whole Pete thing.) You consistently fall for super-passionate people who make your honeymoon period like, in the top three of your best memories. As fun as this all is, you still have your own friends and job and things you love doing solo, while they put everything into a relationship and, effectively, you. At its worst, this legit could be toxic, but at its best, they're just a total clinger.

But, ya know, that all obviously comes with hidden baggage.

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