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You can still sleep around here, but you’ll have to put the work in. The women in Davao made for a great overall experience.Tinder and Filipino Cupid are solid here especially as a foreigner. I would walk the streets of Davao late at night and I never encountered a problem (I would not recommend doing this in other cities).

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Davao review dating sites filipinas gay dating he likes you

The women in Davao have a reputation for making great girlfriends.

Let’s take a closer look to and break down how to meet and date women in Davao.

I never had a problem with Taxi’s and as long as you don’t flash your cash in front of them you should be fine. Which is surprising for a South East Asian city as smoking is rampant everywhere. You can walk the streets of the city center at 4am and feel completely safe (trust me, I did it multiple times).

There’s a police officer armed with an assault rifle posted on every major intersection.

As far as Davao goes, I believe the majority of the city is Catholic but the Muslim presence is there.

The local language is Cebuano also called Visaya, but Filipina women speak English very well. Maybe in the future they will bring in regular independent drivers. I am here because i believe that love can be found anywhere. Would like to meet someone to spend time with and get to know them before ..There won’t be as many profiles compared to Manila or Cebu, but there will be enough cure Fillipina women enough to make it worth your while. The Roxas Night Market is an awesome place that’s open every night. Traffic isn’t as bad, smoking in public is strictly banned, cost of living is cheap, there are no street beggars, no hookers or pimps pulling tricks on the streets.They have cheap food and plenty of girls go there to eat, walk around and hang out. This is an Ex-pat bar with 75% of the men being ex-pats or foreigners. It’s a good place to start the night off with some drinks. Expect to be popular on online dating sites with Filipina women such as Filipino Cupid here since only a few tourists visit Davao.Safety is always a topic of concern when it comes to the Philippines, but I would consider Davao as the safest city in the Philippines.

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