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Derek has been a dating coach for the past 10 years with Love Systems, helping men all over the world achieve the success and lifestyle they desire.

In May 2016 he took over management of the company and is now working hard on pushing Love Systems into new territory with exciting new products and services focused on confidence, self-improvement, trust and integrity.

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Just click the link below to learn more: Derek Cajun’s The Gentleman’s Guide to Online Dating I’ll check in with you in a bit to hear about your success stories. It’s the most affordable course we’ve done in years.

You no longer have any excuses not to get the women and the lifestyle you want.

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Bad minutes Its photos venture who you are, and on behalf details they're almost always the first check a woman combs, so make particular you security your wish in your authentic profile sense.

There are a lot of examples of in the gentleman’s guide to online dating.

In fact two chapters were given just for them to give you a full detail and step by step picture on how you can message girls online and turn them into dates.

Tenmagnet specializes in phone game on how you can transition messaging girls online to getting their phone number and following them up.

Chapter six is where Derek Cajun breaks down his online profile.

The creator of Beyond Words, The Gentleman's Guide to online dating, and Charisma Decoded, Derek is an accomplished writer, teacher, and public speaker with two university degrees and lives in Toronto, Canada with his family.

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