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A guy who’s interested will start touching his tie, playing with his hair, or rubbing his nose. He might not be interested in the girl if he starts to fiddle or fidget, although this is also a sign of nervousness.

He starts to hold his glass higher or at the same level as his chest if he feels defensive.

It helps you meet prospects fast and broadens your social circle at the same time.

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Whatever it is, here’s a heads up so you’ll know how to deal with it when you think the time has come.

“Your family really scares me.” Either the constant contact, the gruff father, the nagging mother, the crazy sister, or the bearded big brother, there will always be some aspect of your family that scares the seat out of him. He wants to please them, and he’s scared to disappoint them.

She runs her fingers through her hair if she’s sexually interested, or play with their necklace or necks.

They also tend to stick their chests forward when they see an interesting guy.

Online dating is the trend now in the dating scene.

Millions of singles worldwide are enrolling and signing up for dating services online.

He doesn’t want anything to do with the other person if he crosses his arms over his chest.

A slumped position on his chair and his shifty eyes are not good signs either.

To make a good first impression, here are some tips: • Compliment the other person to win their attention and affection, but make sure to do it sincerely. • Introduce yourself To keep the conversation going, the following pointers should help: • Keep the focus on the other person. If she’s really interested, she will establish eye contact with the guy while tilting her head.

She wants to be honest if she shows her palms or wrist.

This is a self-fulfilling prediction that determines how much effort you invest in making a relationship work. • Talk about siblings, movies, sports, movies, past holidays, and careers. If you know how to read body language, you can distinguish those signals more easily.

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