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Before you sign up with them, however, it's important that you are informed of what you're getting into.

We've put together the top ten things you should know before signing up for

They are usually unable to obtain a refund since they had already committed to a specific time period.

This point is worth reiterating: if you are going to get a paid subscription with Match.com, be ready to stick with it and definitely do not expect a refund if you pull out early.

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A few complaints describe accounts or profiles that have been accidentally removed from the site, but those are few and far between.

In addition, Match.com's site security in terms of protecting members' information and credit card information is top-notch, especially compared to the lack of security found in dating sites like

If you're signing up, this makes it less likely that you will be met with slim pickings in your dating area and increases the likelihood that you'll meet someone who fits your unique criteria. This is a big deal because it lets you test the waters before you spend any money.

With a free subscription, you can browse Match.com, search for and view matches, create a profile, send and receive "winks," use Match.com's message center and use their smartphone app.

In many cases, this seems to yield better results for members.

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