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these guide lines are copied from MS forums,and it's good to follow so it may helps at your case: 1. You can create it manually on the DNS server, else wait for the server to update is database/DNS entries.The machine's DNS entries in the NIC, must be ONLY configured to use the internal DNS servers that host the zone. The Primary DNS Suffix on the machine must match the zone name in DNS. This usually is set to 15 min by default, else it was modified somehow.Thank you If DHCP is registering in DNS for the clients, and the clients are XP, use repair this connection, if the client registers itself use ipconfig /registerdns, if the client doesn't support DDNS, DHCP is registering the client, so use ipconfig /release & ipconfig /renew Unless you have an application that requires a reverse lookup IP to name reverse lookups are not really required for normal connectivity.

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I tried ipconfig/release, ipconfig / registerdns, it didn't update host records.

I tried to disable/enable nic card, it didn't update, either. For AD Integrated Zones and Secure Only Updates: a.

Our terminals use DHCP to obtain addressing an in turn use dynamic updates to update the DNS server. A new network was created and added to our environment, but a new Reverse Lookup zone was not created (forgot!

) on the DNS server to allow the DHCP Server to dynamicaly update its records.

How do you trigger DNS update from a pc/vm now has new static IP? If the machine's DNS is statically configured: - It must only point to the internal DNS - It must be joined to the domain in order to authenticate using Kerberos to update. If statically configured and not joined to the domain, the client can't update if the zone is set to Secure Only. For non-joined domain DHCP clients, you can configure DHCP to update in lieu of the client updating into a Secure Only zone. For any non-Windows statically configured machine, it must support the DNS Dynamic Updates feature and the zone configured to allow Secure and Unsecure updates. If the DNS server is multihomed and not configured properly to work with multihoming, it may cause problems with Dynamic Updates. If the zone is single label name, such as 'domain' instead of the proper minimal format of 'domain.com,' 'domain.net,' etc, it will NOT update.

I ended up changing host records in DNS manually, but want to know the proper way to do it. For non-joined machines, it must be manually configured, or configured under IP properties, Advanced, DNS tab. I tried ipconfig /registerdns, didn't check after 15 minutes later, but I ended up doing manually adding to DNS zone. When I send command to DNS server directly from a computer, does it still rely on AD replication interval 15 minutes or if it's an interval of one of DNS server setting, where can I change in DNS server setting or how to manually trigger the update form client side?

The new terminals were able to add an "A" record in he froward lookup zone, but since there was no reverse, we cannot do name resolution properly.

We have since created a new reverse lookup and any new terminals coming in are now being added properly to both the forward and reverse lookups and name resolution is functioning properly.

Configure your scope options to point DNS to your internal DC and the gateway to the inside interface of the Front Gate.

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