Do online dating sites really work speed dating research todd 2016

It was funny, every match was someone who was EXTREEMELY religious, born again, saved...nothing against these matches, just not matches I was curious to communicate w & possibly meet.

I've been hearing stories where the male-to-female ratio for most of these sites are about 7 to 1.

Even worse, most male posters seem to get little or no responses at all. I met the woman of my dreams on a dating website, we were together for 6 wonderful years, but I screwed it up.

For those who do post pictures, did you ever feel embarrassed doing so?

( in the sense that someone you know will find out and tell others ) Is it common to receive prank or commercial replies?

So for all the guys out there who have tried out these sites, were these really effective in the sense that you met a lot of other different people? But if I had the chance again, I would do it all over again!

One day I will probably use a dating website again, but for right now I am still healing from losing my ex.

I had never used a website before that, but I would tell you to be careful of how you use these websites.

Just a few tips, when you write a profile, be entirely honest when writing your profile, read about what others are writing then try to be different, while still being honest.

Please note that all of the above dating sites are free to register and post your pic/profile information, but in most cases they require a fee to go any further in terms of communicating with another user on the site.

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