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You can feel like the whole world is on top of you.

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She gets in the elevator, and they ascend to the 103rd floor.

"At first, Tameka didn't even want to get off the elevator," Ben says.

Then, Duncan accomplished number 18 by telling a joke on late-night TV.

In Memphis, they even found a woman who was willing to help them cross off number 74—help deliver a baby!

"Our goal was to get Tameka to walk on the sky deck, a hanging glass window more than 1,000 feet in the air." Watch Tameka conquer her fear with The Buried Life stars.

One hour later, Tameka finally steps on the glass overhang.

"Usually, I don't read the poems assigned to me, but this one seemed poignant.

I read it, and there were these four lines that just struck us."More than 150 years ago, a poet named Matthew Arnold wrote the words that inspired these young men: "But often, in the world's most crowded streets; But often, in the din of strife; There rises an unspeakable desire; After the knowledge of our buried life." "It hit us. "You have things you're almost told to do, but sometimes, those things and all the things that go on in your life can bury you.

Then, in March 2010, they got an invitation to return to Washington, D. But first, they had to stop at a formal wear retailer to rent suits.

"We looked like waiters or something," Jonnie says. I'm a pretty busy guy, but I can shoot some baskets.'" For 10 minutes, Duncan, Ben, Jonnie and Dave played hoops with the president.

But number 95—play ball with President Barack Obama—posed some challenges.

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