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And I also cannot find the mentioned context menu "Viewpoints selection" for the project "org.eclipse.sirius.sample.basicfamily". I use "Kepler Service Release 1" and installed all Sirius items from " What do I wrong? Wolfgang Maxime Porhel - Obeo Need training or professional services for Sirius? I've just dowloaded Eclipse Modeling Tools (Kepler SR1) and Sirius 0.9 from sirius official site. If Sirius is installed, and if you are in the Sirius or Modeling perspective and in the Model Explorer view, the double clic on the aird file should load and init the required elements and then you should be able to expand it to open the contained diagram. Maxime Porhel - Obeo Need training or professional services for Sirius? For example, when I use [not Is Undefined()/] I get "unrecognized variable " for "father".

I've used either from sirius site or the one attached by Maxime Problem I'm facing is the following with both zip files: - I can expand basicfamily.ecore and basicfamily.genmodel files - I can't expand basicfamily.aird! Similarly, I get the same message concerning the variables "members" and "parents". Maxime Porhel - Obeo Need training or professional services for Sirius?

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Hi Alexander, Indeed there miss some preleminary steps before following the video tutorial that I list here : 1. Install the optional feature "Sirius Samples" which include the Ecore modeler to see a graphical representation of the metamodel as shown at the beginning of the video 3.

Import the in attachement, we should get 3 projects corresponding to the DSL used in the video 4.

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If you don't have an account, you can create one here.The next 7 days in this eclipse tunnel before the doozy of the July 16th Lunar eclipse conjunct Pluto are a kaleidoscope of sacred geometry multiple 5D energy bridges, gateways and choice points. Impulses and instincts, desires and cravings, and the festive celebration of being alive here now. You feel driven to be yourself and by the need to engage with the other completely.Watch for sudden sideways elevators tilting your daily reality so that you suddenly slip and slide into radically new physical, emotional and soulful territory. You are totally enraptured with the senses–energetic, vital, enthusiastic, on fire. You are the one who stands out, who makes a point of it, who is unashamed.” Midway between two potent eclipses on your axis of life direction, start to register then acclimatise to what is being evoked, awakened and re-patterned in you.Want to know what extensions we're running on this Wiki? All contributions you make to our web site (including this wiki) are governed by our Terms of Use, so please take the time to actually read it.Your interactions with the Eclipse Foundation web properties and any information you may provide us about yourself are governed by our Privacy Policy.By now, the nudges from the universe in the form of circumstances outside your control changing around you should be too obvious to ignore.

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