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Equines have fairly good senses, particularly their eyesight.

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Play an occasional game of golf and tennis but I am average at both. My ideal woman if there is such a thing just need to like a want me as I am. The genus most likely originated in North America and spread quickly to the Old World.

This website was so easy to use- without much effort, I had an employer contact me regarding a position I otherwise probably would never have even thought to apply for.

Like most people, I appreciate straightforward honesty and guys who are laid back, easy going, don't get angry or critical easily. Non judgemental person who accepts people for who they are.

Plains zebra groups gather into large herds and may create temporarily stable subgroups within a herd, allowing individuals to interact with those outside their group.

There is still a lack of data on safety and reputation of this domain, so you should be very careful when browsing it.

Equestrian Official Website | Dating, Friends, Riding Buddies Equestrian Singles.com: The Official Website and largest equestrian community where singles find dates and friends to ride horses with.

People whether single or in a relationship need their time out.

Ideally you would be interested in holidays together, perhaps short cruise holidays or weekends up the coast.

Who knows maybe I can cook you a bbq dinner sometime soon.

For now I am only after friends and then see how it goes.

These species live in habitats with sparser resources and standing water, and grazing areas may be separated.

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