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So schedule is recreated each scheduling day from the central location.

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Cron can be extended to satisfy richer scheduling requirements, including controlling multiple servers, via SGE and that path is very attractive for small and medium enterprises which do not have resources to acquire and maintain complex commercial scheduler.

Also each additional piece of software increases overhead and waist resources.

Increasingly job schedulers are required to be able to perform the event-based job invocation, for example launching job on appearance of disappearance of a particular file in a particular filesystem, or change of characteristics of this filesystem (i.e. The latter capability is close to the litmus test for a modern enterprise scheduler.

The term "workload automation" is close to the term "scheduling" and has several distinct meanings: For a brief overview of Windows job scheduler market see Microsoft report Job Scheduling on Windows For large enterprises scheduler should work across different operating system platforms and application environments such as Oracle, SAP/R3, Websphere, etc.

Over the past 25 years, since the first multiplatform job schedulers appeared on the market, the market became pretty mature and One reason for proliferation of various job schedulers is that Unix cron daemon and at command have a pretty limited functionality. In the large enterprise environment the main weakness of these tools is lack of centralization (that actually much less a problem that many enterprise vendors would like to think of due to availability of ssh ;-) as well as their limited ability to monitor jobs success/failures and to provide dependency-based scheduling.

In this sense this is a black mark for Linux kernel development team. The latter is the situation, when the execution of next job in a job stream depends on the success or failure of one of several previous jobs, dependent on each other ( -- the term which came from JCL -- the batch language for OS/360).

There should be some messaging (event) mechanism that create the console were you can see "the whole picture".

Also a central console is badly needed to view and correlate the events that happened on various job streams if there are many of them.

The possibility to cancel/reschedule jobs from central server is also very beneficial -- but it can be implemented via ssh.

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