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While this quiet period reminds us that municipal insolvency is a rare event, some cities and counties are more vulnerable than others.If the economy enters another recession, some of these at-risk municipalities could be compelled to enter bankruptcy.

What are your frustrations with the current economy?

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But our goal is not to issue these findings and stifle any subsequent dialogue, quite the contrary.

* * * Over two years have passed since the cities of Mammoth Lakes, San Bernardino and Stockton filed for municipal bankruptcy.

The source of the data for the new SCO web site is the same unaudited information used in the annual reports mentioned above.

Once we located the audited reports, we extracted general fund revenue, expense and balance data, along with pension and interest expenses and total revenue for all governmental funds.

It is possible that many of these cities have improved their financial condition.

If we were able to assess the financial health of California’s cities as of 6-30-2014, these rankings would inevitably have changed.

They are a product of the California Policy Center, Civic Partner and Public Sector Credit Solutions.

The scoring model uses a composite of four financial metrics derived from the information we collected.

Due to the healthy response generated by this study, and justifiable expressions of concern by many whose cities we found to be financially stressed, we would like to state that the rankings developed herein are based on information contained in 2013 financial statements, that is, financial statements for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2013.

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