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The characters in this series were voiced by John Sparkes, Joanna Ruiz and Sarah Hadland.

The series also premiered on CBeebies in 2005 and repeats were shown until 2007.

Fireman Sam has to this day been translated into over 25 different languages including Mandarin.

The longer you are in the fire service—and particularly if you start a family of your own—certain calls seem to hit home more than others.

Like the Detroit firefighter, I too wish my mind could forget what my eyes have seen.

The original idea came about from two ex-firemen from London, England – Dave Gingell and David Jones after purchasing the cartoon claymation drawn by artist Anthony Miller and Will Vinton.

They approached Mike Young, creator of Super Ted, in Barry, Wales, and asked them to further develop their concept.

The narration and all the character voices were done by John Alderton.

Sam is the main character in the show, and interacts with both colleagues at the fire station and fellow villagers. Despite being so small, and with so little activity, the village sees its fair share of fires, which Sam and his team can easily handle.

opens with the line, "I once heard a Detroit firefighter say “I wish my mind could forget what my eyes have seen.” I’ve been thinking about that statement for a while now and have come to appreciate someone else saying and thinking the same thing as me.

I’ve been in the fire service now for more than 20 years and have seen my fair share of pain and suffering, and have been left questioning why these things happen.

Fireman Sam first appeared as Sam Tân (Fireman Sam in Welsh) as a Welsh language series on S4C in 1987, and later that year on BBC1.

The original series finished in 1994, and a new series that expanded the character cast commenced in 2005. The series was sold to over 40 countries and has been used across the UK to promote fire safety.

Aug 27, 2019: Departments in AK and ME will each receive four new sets of gear MSA, Du Pont, and the National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC) have awarded new turnout gear to two additional departments through MSA’s...

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