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Firstly, I would like to reassure you that those of you who are unmarried can carry on a relationship perfectly well without sex.If you are ashamed of what your friends would say, that somehow you are less of a man or a woman, or that you may be mocked for not ‘losing your virginity’ or being ‘frigid’, then you are looking at your partner as someone who is there to be used - someone who can enhance your status, your image, your emotions, etc.ripping you off, weakening the bonds of intimacy that is supposed to cause you to remain close with a lifelong partner, and is something that leads to …

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Although many say the average is three times a week for married couples (see the article by Focus on the Family entitled ), averages can mean a severe variation of frequency in reality.

From one couple having fifteen or twenty times a week to a couple having once a month, each number is added to the average. If both couples mutually agree that sex is not as important as developing intimacy and warmth and memorable events, and there is a commitment, yes.

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by Bri & Nicole, loveisrespect advocates Here at loveisrespect, we often talk with people who are experiencing abuse in their relationship, and they want to determine why their partner is being abusive towards them.

We don’t hear about Prince Charming’s struggle finding balance between Cinderella and his demanding work with the kingdom.

And rom-coms tend to focus on the initial spark between a couple and seldom their dwindling sex life three years later.However, after World War II and the free expression of a new teen generation, values were challenged.The term ‘making out’ referred to how far a male could get his girlfriend to ‘give him’ physically, sex became an object of gratification and a challenge, rather than a representation of total commitment to one person in a lifelong and committed relationship most fully expressed in marriage.In this new millenium, expectations about sex and love have changed.In the nineteenth century, the so-called ‘Victorian Era’, sex outside a marriage was taboo and unheard of.The question to ask - is your relationship worth keeping and are you committed enough to the person you live with to work through any differences in viewpoints?

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