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Chris literally started crying and his parents called the police. Well, for your information, uh, my family, uh, was very uncomfortable with them being, being sent over, and, uh, they re—, and they reported them to the police, and they got turned in, and, uh...yeah, we did not appreciate that.

During his phone conversation with Emily, who else but Clyde Cash should show up and claim responsibility for the whole incident. Anyway, I just wondered, like, uh, I was trying to help you with your virgin problem, and I sent over some fine ladies over to your house. Something else that has piqued my curiousity [sic], from the Hooker incident, I'm wondering from which luscious company or group Bryan Bash the ladies came from, specifically the company name, their website, and from within Chris's crappy (434) A. Because if they were out-of-his-state, I may give them a call myself.

This law enforcement strategy works because you don’t need to have sex or to even meet a prostitute in person to get charged with a crime.

The applicable statutes are: These laws are written specifically so that law enforcement can make the arrest prior to any sexual contact occurs.

If you have been charged with solicitation, call us today at (253) 203-3379 for a free and confidential consultation regarding your case.

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Similarly, it’s also wrong to assume that you need to meet a prostitute in person to be subject to solicitation charges.

Washington’s prostitution laws are written specifically to make it easier for law enforcement to set up sting operations to catch prospective sex buyers.

Even more, it is clear that for both solicitation and prostitution statutes that there is no requirement to meet in person.

This allows a prosecutor to use evidence that you reached an agreement by phone or message when charging you with solicitation.

Your reputation, professional standing, and family life all hang in the balance.

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