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High-end Android handsets are quickly adopting the tech and while Apple has so far shrugged it off, adoption... If an NFC reader is compromised or tampered with, it could be giving your credit card information to a criminal.A similar method called “skimming” requires a thief to have a physical scanner that reads the information from your credit card to see just how much of it happens every day.Sometimes they’ll just write down your information—the number of waiters caught writing down card numbers while running customers’ cards is larger than you might expect.

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Finally, make sure to monitor your credit card statements, bank statements, and credit reports on a regular basis.

The earlier you catch a potentially fraudulent transaction, the better the chances that you’ll be able to prevent further trouble.

Your card itself can also be the target for card thieves.

With the increase in contactless payment credit cards, radio frequency identification (RFID) scanners have become a more popular method to steal credit card information; all a thief needs to do is get a scanning device in close range If your phone doesn’t already have a Near-Field Communication chip in it, your next one probably will.

They’ll get in touch with you via phone, email, post, or some other way, usually posing as someone from your credit card issuer, and talk to you into giving them your credit card information.

It sounds like something you’d be able to spot right away, but some phishers are really good at what they do—this is very similar to the tactic that was used in the British phone hacking scandal Another way in which thieves could come to have your 16-digit credit card number is through online data breaches like those suffered by Target, Home Depot, the Playstation Network, and a whole list of others in recent years.

If something looks suspicious, use another method to pay.

Make cash withdrawals from within your bank, pay at the counter when you buy gas, and don’t let your card out of your sight.

This makes it easy for thieves to buy hundreds of cards at a time, potentially including yours.

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