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Additionally, some slaves, after gaining their freedom, successfully sued their masters for compensation.Because Belinda was probably illiterate, Finkenbine thinks her petition was written by Prince Hall, one of the most prominent activists in Boston’s African-American community and no stranger to the petitioning process.

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Using high-tech tools Thorny issues were often determined individually, through court cases like that of Archy Lee, a slave brought to Sacramento from Mississippi in 1857.

Lee’s owner decided to send him back to the South, but Lee disappeared, according to an 1858 article in the Sacramento Daily Union.

To capture the physicality of slavery, Chiwetel Ejiofor, star of 12 Years a Slave, says he asked his fellow actors to hit him during certain scenes.

Despite the violence and psychological torture, Chiwetel describes this movie as a love story.

For blacks and others, California was “a place to come and reinvent themselves,” Shirley Moore said.

“For African-Americans, California represented a place where, at least legally, slavery did not exist.” But many found California a far cry from the land of opportunity they’d envisioned.“The story that’s being told is the diversity and richness and the determination of a small community in the 19th century,” said Shirley Ann Wilson Moore, a history professor at Sacramento State who is supervising student researchers and is married to Joe Moore.After gold was discovered near Sutter’s Fort in 1848, blacks joined a stampede of others migrating West, hoping to strike it rich.Her petition is one the earliest examples of reparations for the slave trade and slavery, Roy E. He puts her plea in the context of the many freedom lawsuits and legislative petitions for emancipation that were submitted by the African-American community in Massachusetts in the 1760s-1780s.In a 1783 case, for instance, the Massachusetts Supreme Court declared that the enslaved Quock Walker was free and that the equality clause in the state constitution outlawed slavery throughout its jurisdiction.Californians like to think of their state as a freewheeling, tolerant place, one that entered the Union back in 1850 unbesmirched by the stain of slavery.

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