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At that time the city was divided into five departments: Public Affairs, Revenue and Finance, Public Health and Safety, Public Works, and Streets and Parks.

In 1948, the City of Santa Cruz adopted a new City Charter.

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By the turn of the century logging, lime processing, agriculture, and commercial fishing industries prospered in the area.

Due to its mild climate and scenic beauty Santa Cruz also became a prominent resort community.

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Twenty-two years later, in 1791, Father Fermin de Lasuen established a mission at Santa Cruz, the twelfth mission to be founded in California.

Across the San Lorenzo River, in what is now known as East Santa Cruz, Villa de Branciforte was established It was founded by the Spanish as one of three civil settlements or pueblos in California. Villa de Branciforte later merged with the Mission Santa Cruz community across the river.

In 1907, the citizens voted for a new charter designating a Mayor as chief executive and a City Council consisting of seven members.

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