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"You'd know they're going to be a decent person, even if they might not be the right one for you," she tells Refinery29.

Sites like Quora are also filled with tips on how to make friends easily and safely.

Whether you are a teenager in high school or starting college in a new city, the key to building a true friendship is to be yourself and not be afraid to express who you are.

Connect with people you share interests with and keep in touch to build a long-lasting friendship.

It seems like the internet is overflowing with dating apps such as Tinder, Badoo, and Bumble.

If you want to expand your circle of friends and meet people from different backgrounds, you’ll want to connect with others from around the world.

Online apps are the easiest way to meet people from other areas such as the UK, Canada, Brazil, and Mexico.

According to Badoo, having a mutual connection immediately puts singletons at ease, with 67% of the 10,000 users surveyed on the app saying they'd be more likely to strike up a conversation with someone with whom they shared a mutual friend.

Charlotte, 27, who is currently dating someone she was introduced to by a friend, says hooking up with friends of friends is great and she'd consider using Badoo's tool in future.

Without a character reference, you're shooting in the dark.

If this struggle is real for you, you may be interested in a feature launched by dating app Badoo, which has over 380 million users worldwide.

Some of the best apps include Patook, Friender, Friend Match, Girl Friend Circles, and Rendez Who.

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