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There are many reasons why, as age increases, there is a higher proportion of quality girls than guys (which is a discussion for a later time), but if you ask any 24 year old girl how many dateable guys there are, there is no doubt that she will respond with a look of disappointment and despair. guys: if you feel you aren't getting set up with enough attractive/wealthy girls, just take a break from dating and resurface at the age of 25. We can only speculate as to the witty retort this would haveengendered in Talmudic times.

While you will remain the same ho-hum dud you were before, at least now you have a better shot of landing a pretty girl.*This does not apply in the West side where everyone is over 25** There are many other factors that come into play in getting a desirable girl, so while being older improves your odds, it does not guarantee it. Nowadays, however, this question is askedwith the greatest of seriousness, and numerous judgments about a person, both major and minor, are determined based on the reply.

By the time moshe hits 26, the only single guys left besides him, have either turned very modern, have really crappy jobs, or just are otherwise very creepy (or just fears commitment).

Moshe now stands at about the 95th percentile in the dating market and gets set up with the highest quality girls in the 23 to 25 range.

Is it just me, or is the point of endthemadness not to help people find the right match, but rather to help people find first dates, regardless of compatibility?

It appears that endthemadness is catering to a crowd where getting a first date is "inconceivable", or at best "highly unlikely." Chananya feels, after experiencing much failure in his attempts to procure first dates, that the shidduch crisis is caused by people who cant get dates.

When moshe becomes 24, however, a large bulk of the top 25% have married, and are no longer his competition on the dating market.

Moshe now stands at the 75 percentile of dating and constantly gets set up with more desirable women than before.

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With girls, on the otherhand, you can still find a good percentage of quality at the 23 age range.

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