Gay dating ohio mojo

Oh Mojo may appear to be a very basic gay dating website… There are thousands of guys who’ve created profiles and are waiting to hear from you. This site is stripped down and very simple, but it does its job.The layout and colour scheme of profiles is always the same and is a fairly drab arrangement which hardly inspires enthusiasm.

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Gay dating ohio mojo

Signing up with this site is very simple and requires just a minimal amount of basic information, which you can later update.

You’ll need to verify your account using an email address, and it’s a good idea to upload a photo, but otherwise registration should take a matter of minutes.

This means that browsing through search results is very slow indeed, and it can become tiresome.

Equally, profiles are all rather samey, with a lot of focus on particular details of appearance (height, body hair, eye colour) and so on, which doesn’t really tell you all that much about the actual person.

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