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You know when you go to the local park and there’s always a bunch of five or six people in bare feet taking turns to balance on a bit of rope suspended between two trees?

That bit of rope is called a slackline, and if you dive into nerd dating you can bet your ears that you’ll end up teetering around on one at some point.

So what can be gained from coupling up with a geek? Therefore, if we trace this odd helter-skelter of what classifies as cool and uncool to its logical conclusion, we are left with the warming realisation that, actually, the coolest people of all are those society would dub as nerds – the ones who like what they like and couldn’t care less what the rest of us have to say about it.

Forget all those hipsters with their ironic handlebar moustaches and their rejection of mainstream coffee and beer while somehow justifying purchasing every product that Steve Jobs ever created; when you date a nerd, you can relax.You don’t have to spend hours agonising over your image, and you can stop pretending that you know what bands people are talking about.Try it out now, say it out loud: “Erm, no, I haven’t heard the new Alt J album.” Such refreshing honesty!Now that we’re all just a bunch of geeks dating nerds dating geeks, the whole world is our conversational oyster!Philosophy, geography, history, politics, religion, chemistry, theatre, art, music, literature: date a geek, and revel in unlimited conversational possibility!Well then, in the interest of ironing out any potential misunderstandings, let us consult that dusty old grimoire, the Oxford English dictionary. Stephen Fry manages to walk the tightrope of being clever and interesting while also reasonably lucid and unflustered after thirty seconds of idle chatter in an elevator, and thus we shall place him somewhere in the realms of nerd-lite.

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