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They have gone to retreats, met with Greg..of that fun stuff. I got sucked into all of this 5yrs ago and the long sorry story of it all is that I broke away from all my friends and family and ended up divorcing my husband,which I bitterly regret. Trying now to regain some sense of reality and build back up a relationship with my children but it’s really difficult. It’s a huge scam making money off of vulnerable people . I sincerely hope that you will be able to regain those relationships again. I suppose my first question is, how did you finally get out of it?

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I need information on an organization called, Real Love. He has completely cut ties with his family and is now apparently on a path of finding his “real” family within the real love community.

My brother is a part of the group along with his wife.

I’ve heard some pretty sketchy stuff about this group and I’m in desperate need of more information. Did your brother happen to join a "Real Love" group that was formed through his church?

Is there anyone who has ever experienced this group? What can you tell me and how should I approach this? This setting could be giving the program more credence than he may have given it otherwise. My mom and I bought it just to see what it was about and to see what my brother was filling his head with.

My mom mentioned it once before he stopped talking to us but we never accused him of anything. But Greg Baer will even insist someone with no money put this $8-10k on their credit card... Paying someone to shore up low self-worth is a never ending game that leaves people weak, dependent, and now poorer.

after all, "how much is your happiness worth to you? While I agree that reallove is a crazy cult, I would also have to disagree with those who say traditional counseling has all of the answers.

Just as it’s ignorant to think therapy and counseling is also the end all be all and it will hold all the answers and solutions for your life.

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Greg Baer, and to learn how to apply the Real Love principles in our lives, thereby becoming happier, more loving people.

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