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I think if I was single again and wanted to meet someone online it'd be the service I'd use though. The ones I met were nice - nothing clicked relationshipwise but they were all of a decent standard (looks, education, friendliness)!Some of the people that messaged me were tits but I just didn't talk to them or meet them.

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My friend did the Introduction Agency thing to be told that as a woman over 42 she would not be taken on their books!! Unfortunately and this sounds so sexist ;they advised there are 2 women for evey man aged 30-50 available so their men are spoilt for choice A man's world it is (This is a leading agency with money back guarantees etc and in the business for 25 years) They charge a fair wack so on that basis then whether you pay or not is irrelevant.

With a readership of over 42.6 million, The Guardian is a platform for liberal editorial.

Good friend of mine met her husband through Guardian Soulmates. The fact that the rest of us call him "Igor" (discreetly!! DP also used the service when his first marriage broke up - and no, he didn't meet me through it - and met someone who he had a very good if not permanent relationship with.

However, I think you have to be prepared to understand that it has a somewhat "Guardianish" ambience which may not suit everyone.

It was most fun discussing it with my friends and meeting for dates, choosing date venues and the general larkiness of it. But be critical and have your friends know what you are doing/where you are going.

I was living in a big city though, was younger and childless at that time and so I had a lot of offers to choose from. lots of men on one site are also on another- so don't get hung up on the Guard.

Historic Newspapers have the UK’s largest archive of Guardian back issues, covering the last one hundred years.

As well as our online newspaper service, individuals can request a specialist Guardian newspaper article search through a member of the archive team.

From birthdays to anniversaries, recipients love to read what was happening in the news on their date of birth or on the day of their wedding.

It creates a fascinating connection with their past, which make these old issues of the Guardian newspapers stand out as such a special gift.

I used it about three years ago, when I tried out quite a few of the dating websites.

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