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As of 2004, Hagström has been reopened for the international market being distributed by "Tricor AB".

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In 1968 the Super Cromatic was introduced which came to be the last accordion built, with the last one made in 1970.

In 1984 the company returned to its roots by once again importing accordions from Germany and Italy.

In 1936, Hagström hired two Italian accordion builders who helped to update and streamline the manufacturing process.

In 1939 Hagström started to establish themselves in USA by opening Hagstrom Music Company Inc in Rockefeller Center in New York as well as Albin Hagstrom Inc in Jamestown.

At this time the company also started a number of accordion schools; it is estimated that over 70,000 people have attended these schools.

Founder Albin Hagström died in 1952 at the age 47 and was succeeded by Erik Wisén.

Soon Hagström expanded their line-up of guitars to include hollow bodies like the Viking and the Jimmy.

In 1961 the first line of Hagström basses was available to the public, this eventually came to include the groundbreaking 8 string bass.

The official Hagström design team have taken certain liberties with the designs and made some improvements and other deviations from the original Swedish designs.

Hagström has again started the production of more exclusive Hagstrom guitars within Europe, which have been specially developed to reproduce the sounds of the originals. Ever since 1983, when original production stopped, Hagströms have been sought-after collectors' items.

Albin Hagström began importing accordions from Germany and Italy in 1925 and founded Firma Albin Hagström.

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