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Sometimes it can be hard to determine whether it actually is a scammer’s profile or not, with Facebook’s recent update, allowing people to completely lock down their profile.The most tell-tale sign is if the profile was created very recently and displays a photo that looks like it’s straight from Google.

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For example, a woman was almost scammed after lots of intricate fraudulent behavior that nearly went over her head, but she began to grow suspicious when her “boyfriend”– who claimed to be a US citizen overseas for work, mailed her a box of paperwork for her to fill out.

Some messages he sent read as follows: After a relationship was concretely established, the “boyfriend” began asking for favors, such as “I want you to assist me to pay the bill.”The woman took her suspicions to local authorities, who simply made one phone call and unveiled an extremely sophisticated fraud ring who had already scammed others out of millions collectively.

In the entire year of 2018, authorities have brought over 21,000 different scams to light, generating almost $143 million!

While the median loss amount is closer to $2,600 per person scammed, people aged 70 have been found to have lost an upwards of $10,000, since they prove to be more vulnerable.

You can do a quick reverse image search to find out the truth!

Honestly, I feel like anyone can be scammed at anytime, now matter how tech-savvy you may be.

It is highly unlikely that a woman would immediately bring that up in conversation, unless “she” was trying to reel in a potential victim.

While it’s easiest for scammers to set their traps on multiple dating platforms, it’s also common for them to take to Facebook, Instagram, and other social media sites to hunt for their prey.

You may have gotten off easy this time, but what if it wasn’t so simple the next?

Today, we will be discussing all of the common romance related scams that stem from the country of Nigeria, and how you can avoid them!

Although it is easier for them to target the elderly and emotionally vulnerable, don’t think that they won’t try their hardest to trick you into falling into their trap!

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