Intimidating a public servant

Download the print version Download the Word version The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) is aware of agency concerns about the disclosure of public servants’ names and contact details in the context of FOI requests, both in response to FOI requests and when requests are being processed.The purpose of this discussion paper is twofold; firstly to provide greater awareness of the relevant guidance and decisions regarding the disclosure of public servants’ names and contact details, including the circumstances in which public servants’ names and contact details may be released or published in response to an FOI request and when they may be exempt from disclosure.

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(2) Make sure you write precisely Jimmy’s name, z-number, unit-number and address on the envelope.

He will not get your letter/card if any information is incorrect or omitted.

All the professionals in the government jobs are refereed as public servants, civil servant is a further type of public servant as both of them work in the government ranks to serve the public.

In some situations, even the politicians or the legislators elected are even called public servants as they also work to serve the public.

Like a manager of the bank is the public servant, and so is the guard standing out of that bank.

Public servant are employees after they clear the department test or sometimes the interview even makes them eligible for the job.

(Not that Jimmy would, but inmates can reshape items into weapons.

Hence, AL DOC does not permit objects made of plastic or wood or metal.) A cardboard bible marker is OK.

Civil Servants are opted by the government departments through the competitive exams like Public Service Commission and Central Service Commission, while public servants are chosen by department written test and interviews.

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