Is a battery needed for updating

Making matters even worse, the reason for the excess drain is completely unknown and some users are even being misled by i OS’s battery tool.For example, one user in the thread linked above said that Personal Hotspot was showing up on his battery page as being responsible for nearly 50% of his battery usage, but he never even enables the i Phone’s Personal Hotspot feature.

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Right out of the gate users noticed serious issues with performance and an exorbitant amount of bugs.

Memory management issues caused noticeable performance issues with i Phones and i Pads, and a surprising number of security holes have been discovered over the past year.

But be warned: Apple says that disabling the power management function on your i Phone could lead to “unexpected shutdowns.” It also says that turning off power management could mean it’ll take longer for apps to load, the speakers may be quieter, and the camera flash may even be disabled in some cases.

It’s a trade-off you’ll have to make for a longer battery life.

But considering the average price of an i Phone is generally over $600, many will likely see this offering as a paltry offering for the device they’ve invested so heavily in.

Nintendo released an update for the Nintendo Switch this week that aims to fix an annoying issue with the console’s battery — or more specifically the on-screen indicator that displays the system’s battery charge.It wasn’t for the reason many suspected—to sell more new i Phones—but to extend the lives of older ones; still, Apple had not been upfront about what it was doing behind the scenes.At the time, CEO Tim Cook said that users would soon be able to make the choice themselves whether they wanted their phone to work as well as it did the day they bought it, or to throttle it and keep it working as long as possible.If the battery charge indicator does not reach 100%, simply allow the console to charge for approximately three hours. The remaining battery life must be depleted as much as possible. so i took my mavic out today to fly in an open field.In a nutshell, i Phone users have found that the i OS 11.4 update is drastically reducing their battery life.

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