Is preston sharp dating who is mike he dating 2016

8 hours and a few too many beers later, they had closed down the bar, and had plans for another date the following week.A year and half and many more pizza/beer dates later, Preston, Chelsea, Bleu, Brie, and Stella (meow), live in a house together in Garland, TX.Sharp’s enduring passion and commitment to Veterans is an inspiration to many, including VA senior leaders.

What Chelsea didn't know at the time was, that the hearing for his case was all made it up so he could have an excuse to go down to San Antonio to meet with Chelsea's parents.

Fake legal documents were created in case Chelsea got suspicious.

It didn’t take long before his efforts expanded to surrounding communities, and now in as many states as possible.

Sharp says that people should not only recognize Veterans on holidays, but also every day.

Preston's Bumble profile contained prime "swipe right" material, he named his dogs, Bleu & Brie, after cheese (little did he know, Chelsea's favorites).

Chelsea and Preston were an instant match on Bumble, and after messaging back and forth for a couple of days, they decided to meet up at Dot's (one of Chelsea's favorite bars for it's vast beer selection) after work that Friday.

This way, when Chelsea opened the can of what she thought was a beer, she would see the ring instead.

Prior to proposing Preston insisted on sitting down with Chelsea's parents, Karla and Dewey, to let them in on the plan and ask her father's permission.

“Both times I brought my children out there to participate,” he said.

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