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We have deep love and respect for one another but have gone separate ways.I lovingly reflect on everything we accomplished together and am so proud of who he is and the love we gave each other.

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[Franco] was able to sneak into my life and give me guidance, basically, when I was going through a hard time. What do you and Franco do together when you’re not working?

James and I are both really workaholics, so normally we do projects that are fun that involve work.

, Kourtney Kardashian and her ex Scott Disick grappled over a Bali healer telling them they might be soulmates and what that means for their relationship, especially since Disick has been dating 20-year-old model Sofia Richie for over a year.

They ultimately decided that nothing would change, and Disick reassured viewers that Richie has always accepted his and Kardashian's close, co-parenting more details on what the three's relationship is like today, months after that Bali trip.

Its source wants you to know that things between them are not weird at all.

“As much as people would love there to be, there isn’t any drama between Scott, Sofia and Kourtney,” the source said.

I’ll never forget the day James saw me for the first time after I had been living in Tennessee.

He stopped by my room at night to say hi and when the door opened, it was unforgettable, his jaw just dropped.

“He is in the process of recording it now so it’s like we keep missing each other but I’m sure we will be able to meet up soon.” The talent show singer has now signed to the same label as his rumoured fling.

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