philadelphia involving two black panthers blocking and intimidating voters - Javascript code for validating textbox

when you click the button , it will validate all validators from its validation group and display the message.

This is a good source of info Startv20/aspnet/doc/validation/second option is to find all textboxes and display the message Required field validators would work great.

I have to confess, I’m not sure it’s really worth it!

It’s not even full client-side validation – it’s just a subtle usability enhancement, implemented in an accessible way, which (as I discovered while testing the script) is almost identical to something that Firefox now does natively!

In recent versions of Firefox, if a then the field will show a red outline, as illustrated by the following figure. If it did, then every required field would have that outline by default.

However, if you prefer a j Query solution you could try something like this.

var validate Text Areas = function() You would call this method during your form validation.

It assumes that all textareas on your form must be non-blank but you could easily change that if needed.

This would apply an error css class to highlight your required fields and display an appropriate message to the user.

Now that we have the static code, we can add the scripting.

The first thing we’ll need is a basic property (the dot property only matches states which are set through scripting).

Instead, these outlines are only shown after you’ve interacted with the field, which is basically (though not precisely) analogous to the instant, as it could easily be triggered on and off many types in rapid succession while typing, creating a flashing effect which would be annoying or impossibly distracting for some users.

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