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After traveling to Jason's hometown and meeting his 3-year-old son Ty, De Anna was hoping to see the "exciting, fun side" of the single dad.

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Jesse explained that he's a firm believer that you have to be friends first before you can be romantic -- because if you can't be friends, you can't date.

The explanation made sense, and De Anna said she found herself wanting to be around Jesse more and more as time goes on. "I would have never expected to like him this much," said De Anna.

However De Anna was still having a hard time following the previous elimination of Graham Bunn, whom she still cut despite "falling in love" with. I do not know how this is going to end," said De Anna.

It's a million different things, and she had it all." "I always wanted to truly fall in love with someone, I really did. "I don't want to lose another person that I care about. I don't know what I do from here." seventh fourth-season episode began with De Anna preparing to leave for Grand Bahama Island, where she would spend some quality time with each of her three remaining suitors.

He subsequently admitted it was the "most nervous" he'd been since the first time he met her.

Jeremy further explained he was "afraid to love her" because he hasn't even won her heart yet and thus didn't want to get hurt.They had a picnic in the jungle surrounded by water and vegetation, and Jason said he and De Anna "really felt like a couple" because they had "so much fun and so much in common." "It was a totally different kind of romantic," commented De Anna. No one else mattered." They had a good time kayaking, and Jason was also appreciating the time spent with De Anna."The whole day has helped me fall in love with De Anna more," he gushed."I would never have expected to want to spend so much time with him...Today, I was just completely giddy about Jesse." Hoping to continue the romance that persisted throughout the day, Jesse and De Anna settled down for dinner.The night they enjoyed dinner as De Anna said her feelings for Jason were intensifying.

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