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Thou rising morn, in praise rejoice, ye lights of evening, find a voice, (R)Thou flowing water, pure and clear,make music for thy Lord to hear, Alleluia, alleluia!Thou fire so masterful and bright, that givest man both warmth and light, (R)Dear mother earth, who day by day unfoldest blessings on our way, O praise him, Alleluia!

For our third hymn we sang Lord, You Give the Great Commission , which we sang only two weeks ago, but it was sung as the congregation came forward with their pledge cards and time and talent cards for volunteer work.

I guess it made sense, but I don’t like repeating hymns so often.

Green wrote over 300 hymns and Christian songs as well as commissioned texts for special occasions. For who can serve a God so pure, Or claim to speak in such a Name, While doubt makes every step unsure, And self confuses every aim?

And yet, believing God who calls Knows what we are and still may be, Our past defeats, our future falls, We dare to answer: God, send me!

Sing on, dance on, followers of Emmanuel, Sing on, dance on, followers of the Lamb. Many of our “modern” hymns were written by Fred Pratt Green.

He was born in Roby, near Liverpool, England, on September 2, 1903.

Though I may speak with bravest fire, And have the gift to all inspire, And have not love, my words are vain, As sounding brass, and hopeless gain.

Though I may give all I possess, And striving so my love profess, But not be given by love within, The profit soon turns strangely thin.

Our anthem was a Shaker tune Ye Followers of the Lamb. You have to click on the song you want to hear.) Our anthem was arranged by Phillip Dietterich.

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