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Before Peppers she had a relationship with Reggie Bush.

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Back in 2014, Peppers left his then pregnant girlfriend, e and his former GF have been in court ever since, because she sued him in a Miami Circuit Court and sought a court order stating the NFL star was legally the father of her newborn son named Elijah Peppers.

“According to court records, the two battled it out in court for close to a year but finally reached a deal over custody, support and important decision making power for their kid.

She is also famous for dating the popular American footballer Julius Peppers.

Claudia had an early beginning as a model and started working on her initial assignments when she was just 16 years old.

Claudia has shared a sample leg workout for her followers –Workout 1Workout 2 – Specifically to target Hamstring muscles1. In October 2018, she was boxing under the guidance of Farm Boy Fit.

Whether you’ve watched WAGs or just manage to keep up with the modeling circuits you might have heard about Sampedro.

Claudia recently launched her own clothing brand called WPOISE that focuses on women’s clothing and fitness apparel.

She is currently focused on expanding her brand’s presence.

It remains to be seen if Claudia will ever convince him or if she will simply allow things to sit as they are.

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