Katie leung dating rob pattinson

I say I’m a fan of Arsenal and I don’t know anything about them – it’s kind of the same thing.

When I got told I had the audition I read the book in, like, a day and knew that I’d love the part.

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Then Cho Chang turns to her secret crush Harry Potter to be boyfriend and girlfriend but can`t get Cedric Diggory off her mind from still being in love with him.

, Emma insisted that Robert is just a good friend when asked if sparks ever flew between them.

She did say that he is a super-nice guy and that’s why girls love him.

The brunette beauty also admitted having a great time working with him but made it clear that they are just friends.

I think Cho wants to be with me more – I’m not standing between anybody!

He should be a sympathetic character, but there’s a thing about head boys – a lot of people hate them for no reason, especially if they do everything right. Because I just went for a bit of fun, I was really relaxed about the whole thing! ’ I’m really surprised because I’d never acted before and didn’t realise I could act until I went to the auditions. But the scenes we had involved a lot of teasing – looking but no touching because I have a boyfriend in this film.

Were you a Harry Potter fan before you got this part?

I’d never read any of the books and hadn’t seen the movies either, so I can’t really claim to have been a fan.

This interview happened back in 2009 so a lot of things have changed over the years, and the two have been in different relationships.

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